Small Business SEO

Do you need to get your website more visitors through Google and other traffic sources? If so our small business SEO package will give you the best start. Lots of companies spend money on a website and then get disappointed when the visitors and sales don’t start pouring in. Our service is ideal for getting your company visible in the right places online. Local SEO is vital for local service companies. More and more local SEO services are popping up these days such as Chiroscout.

Here’s how it works:

Step 1 – Research
We analyse your website and market. This includes getting to know what your business does, how it differs from competitors and analysing how good or bad your competitor’s online efforts have been. We have connections around the world such as Absolute Summit SEO in the USA and we share information about different niches. This makes our research more effective as we can cover every industry.

Step 2 – Planning
Then we plan our strategy. This includes identifying the best ways to get you traffic. For example which search phrases (keywords) people are typing in to find a business like yours. Plus we hunt for any sites beside Google which could bring you valuable visitors.

Step 3 – Preparation
We create a report which offers advice on changes to your website. If you are happy with our suggestions we can then usually login and make the changes to your site, depending on what platform it was built on. This includes things like optimising images so the pages load faster and including certain keywords in certain places. If need be we will write more content.

Step 4 – Branding
We create profiles and post to the major social networks like Facebook, Google+ and Twitter, plus any others relevant to your market. We ensure your company is listed on the major business listings websites (think Yellow Pages for the internet).

Step 5 – Link building
We search the internet for a few good websites where we can link back to your site. This might be 5 links or it might be 10. It doesn’t sound much but we don’t mess around with lots of low quality links. These links are what really counts in your Google rankings, besides the on-site SEO in step 3. We find some powerful places to link back to your site and that is all you need for most small markets.

You get a full report on all completed work, then rankings reports on the top keywords. We can set up Google Analytics if you don’t already have it so that we can also track the visitors. You can expect better rankings in 1-2 months. If you are in need of faster traffic we can also set up an Adwords (PPC) campaign for you.

This service usually costs £500 and we spread the work out over a month. Contact us by clicking here or leaving a message on our answering service at 08445 444 174. Please let us know your website url and any search phrases you think would be useful to rank for. Then we’ll get back to you as soon as we have had a look at the difficulty to confirm a price and expected results. For more competitive markets it may be necessary to extend the campaign.