Search Engine Optimisation in Cheshire

Search Engine Optimisation Service in Cheshire and Manchester

Search engine optimisation (SEO) is our speciality. We have many years experience ranking websites. Our highly trained team of SEO experts use ethical methods to provide websites with the online presence they desire. This starts with an in-depth analysis of the search phrases (keywords) which are most likely to bring in “buying traffic” in good numbers. Next, we ensure your website is set up correctly so that both Google and visitors know exactly what the pages are all about. This is followed by link building work based on creating content which people will want to read and share on other websites.

  • Safe and ethical link building work
  • Focus on only the most important keywords
  • Help with optimising your website
  • Monthly ranking and progress reports
  • Available to discuss the project anytime

Our process

  • We Analyze

    search marketingThe reason most businesses fail online is because they skip this step. It is essential to identify the most important keywords so that we can focus on gaining traffic from terms which will bring in the most business. We spend as long as it takes to get this right by using keyword tools, examining competing websites and look at what others are spending their advertising budgets on.

    Once we identify the key search terms, we provide you with a report on how best to implement them on your website. Then we can make the changes so that your site is perfectly optimised for ranking in the top positions in the search engines.

  • We Create

    web marketing serviceWhen Google sees other websites linking back to yours, it sends a signal that they are recommending you. This boosts your website in the eyes of Google and therefore helps to increase rankings. The basic rule is that the more relevant the linking website is, the more powerful the boost will be.

    We produce content that other websites want to publish. They get more happy readers and we get a link back to your website. This content creation is all done manually so that we can hand pick the more relevant and authoritative websites to link back to yours. It is all about adding value wherever we can, so if your site is about shoes we may look for a footwear blog.

  • You Profit!

    positive ROI with our online strategyOur number one focus from the start is to provide you with maximum return on investment (ROI). SEO is not an overnight strategy, it takes time to see the best results. We always deliver because we have a strong focus on achieving the best ROI for your company.

    We also provide your business with other help such as how to increase sales, social accounts creation and PPC management if you need instant traffic. Depending on the current state of your website, you can expect to see increases in organic search traffic within 1-2 months. Usually, within 3-4 months the ROI is positive.

The Right Professionals For Your Project

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