PPC Dubai with your own Adwords Manager

PPC Management with an Experienced Digital Marketing and Google Adwords Company

PPC stands for pay per click advertising. The most popular PPC platform for businesses in Dubai and all over the world is Google Adwords. One half of our management team is spending more and more time in Dubai. We have successfully completed two projects with Dubai companies. Now we are ready to offer our PPC management service to all businesses in Dubai.

For more details visit PPC management Dubai where you will be taken to our new website for our new Dubai-based venture 3Digital, an international digital marketing agency specializing in PPC and other forms of online advertising. We also offer web design, SEO services and much more.

Why do I need a PPC Adwords Manager?

Google Adwords is a complicated solution for buying visitors to your website. There are options which make it easier to use, but this doesn’t get you the best value. We use a variety of strategies picked up over the past 8 years to ensure our clients get the best ROI (return on investment) possible.

SEO Organics gets you more leads and sales per click, because we tweak every setting to maximize efficiency. We install a tracking code on your website, use tracked phone numbers and sync to Google Analytics to provide in-depth analysis of our results.

What is involved with PPC Management

The main cost is the initial month when we set up your Adwords campaign. This means thorough research into every search phrase which could bring you sales or leads. This is done with the help of software which allows us to spy on competitors and similar websites to yours in other locations. Google also helps us expand our list of phrases, as well as estimate the cost per click.

Once we have found the phrases which can bring you sales, we set bids for clicks. High bids will have your website appear top, lower bids will appear further down the page. As time goes by we constantly tweak the bids so that the phrases with conversions are higher and the phrases not yielding results are lower. By tracking conversions and tweaking the campaign we are able to maximize ROI.

How much do your Adwords Managers cost?

We separate the cost per click (the money that goes to Google Adwords) from our fees. This means you get to see exactly where you money goes. We can estimate your cost per click and our rates before starting any work. We just need to know your product or service, so that we can gather a pre-list of search phrases.

The cost for SEO Organics will depend on how many hours we need to spend on setting up and managing your campaign. This depends on how many phrases there are and whether they need to be split up into their own campaigns (search phrase groups). Therefore we can only give you an idea of cost once you tell us your market/industry.

 Please email sales@seoorganics.net to get a speedy estimate of costs. We can then arrange a meeting or provide you with a detailed proposal. The first month includes a setup fee, then the cost per month lowers and is sometimes based on a percentage of your Adwords budget.

Do you use other PPC platforms?

Yes we do. Bing Ads are an excellent addition to a successful Adwords campaign. Bing only gets around 2.5% of web traffic in Dubai, however their ads currently show up on Yahoo‘s search network too, which gets 6% of the market in Dubai. We found these statistics at the helpful http://www.mvfglobal.com/uae

Google gets 91% of web traffic in the UAE. Therefore this is our main focus for PPC. Once we have optimised and perfected a Google Adwords campaign, we can simply import it into Bing to be shown on Bings Ads network (Yahoo and Bing).

Google also has what it calls the Display Network. This means we pay to have an advert show up on websites running Adsense. This is always separated from the standard Adwords campaigns on the Search Network. The reason is that the targeting needs to be pinpointed at specific people.

We will sometimes exclude the Display Network as it is often not effective. However for more mainstream businesses and very niche businesses, the cost per conversion is sometimes superb. Image ads are used for this kind of PPC advertising and we can help you make high converting graphics.

There are now other search networks which can be used for pay per click advertising. The most popular are the ones on social networking websites. This includes Facebook (2nd most visited website in the world) and Youtube (3rd most visited website). Others include Pinterest (photo sharing network), Instagram (personal photo mobile network), LinkedIn (B2B- business to business) and Twitter (micro blogging).

Whether your website is suitable for any of these networks will depend on your industry. For example, a current Dubai client finds a lot of business on Instagram (they are a wedding and event organiser). We have just launched a new Filipino restaurant website in London and we targeted people from the Philippines living in London on Facebook. Neither would have been good on LinkedIn, but both are ideal for Google (as with nearly every company).

If your business would be suitable for video advertising on Youtube; we can produce a TV quality advert. This can be filmed in Dubai at your premises, or we can find a suitable location. Most internet bandwidth is used up by people watching videos online. Therefore video advertising can be a superb investment. Because it is fairly new and not everyone has the means to produce a video advert; the ROI can be outstanding.

Other Digital Marketing services for companies in Dubai

SEO – We began with SEO, which stands for search engine optimisation. Adwords provides instant visitors at the top of the search results. On the other hand SEO helps your website rank in the organic search results. Clicks from Google’s organic results are free.

SEO takes time because Google doesn’t like us to manipulate the results. We combine ethical SEO practices with sound general promotion of your business online. This results in excellent natural rankings after a couple of months. We often being with Adwords until the organic rankings are high enough, then lower or pause the PPC campaign to save money.

Video Creation – As mentioned above we can crehigh-qualitylity advertisements and promotional videos for your business. This can be used on video advertising platforms such as Youtube, Instagram, Pinterest and even on TV.

Social Networking and Social Media Management – We find the right social networking websites and make sure you have a presence there. We can set up and manage your social accounts; posting news and other updates related to your business to help attract new customers.

Website Creation – If you require a new website then you are in the right place. We use the world’s number 1 website platform (WordPress) to create high quality websites for any industry. We use the world’s top WordPress developers by licensing a suitable “theme”, which acts as a template for us to mould into your brand’s perfect online presence.

By using a pre-made theme we are able to cut out the bulk of the web design costs. At the same time we only use the finest quality themes which have the most recent coding standards. This basically means your website will look beautiful and will be future proof- so that it works great on mobile phones as well as laptops.

 If you are looking for a PPC company in Dubai and/or require any of our other services: please get in touch at sales@seoorganics.net or success@3.digital and we will be in touch with a proposal quickly.

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