Our Process

  • Research

    1 We conduct thorough research into every aspect of your market. This starts with your website and competitors. We analyse link profiles, the words and layouts of the sites. This gives us “seed” keywords. These keywords are then expanded upon to reveal every single search phrase variation which could bring in valuable organic traffic from Google.

    We use SEO tools to help us discover these keyword phrases such as link checkers and Google’s own keyword tool, which estimates the number of monthly searches. We can also check what competitors are focusing on by looking at what they spend on pay per click adverts. We ensure no stone is left unturned so that we can cover all relevant search terms.

  • On-site optimisation

    2 Once we have identified the important search phrases, we prepare a report on how to optimise your website for these terms. This includes adding certain phrases in certain positions and pages on your website. These changes are often visually subtle as we do not want to harm visitor experience, however it is essential to ensure that Google knows what a page is about. If you agree to the recommendations we can usually login and make the changes for you.

    There is more to on-site optimisation than just adding keywords to pages. We cover all bases which will help your website. This includes searching for any code errors, broken links, slow page load times and proper internal linking. There are usually a few issues which can both increase the site’s health in the eyes of Google as well as improve visitor experience.

  • Content creation and promotion

    3 You will be assigned an experienced writer who will immerse himself in your market. Then he will produce content which will be used to promote your business. This content can be placed on a blog on your website. If so we write about anything which potential customers could be interested in. This attracts more visitors from the use of “longtail” keywords. It also keeps your site updated with fresh content.

    We also use new content for promoting your website on others. We find similar sites and offer them articles. This gives you more visitors as we usually get to add a link back to your website. These links on related sites help to boost yours in the eyes of Google. When Google sees similar sites linking back to yours it shows that yours is respected by the industry, which helps rankings. We also create other types of links such as creating press releases to announce new products or service changes.

    If you do not already have a social media presence we can help in that area too. We create and update profiles on sites like Facebook and Twitter. We also look for any social sites which could be relevant to your specific industry. For example a travel site may benefit from videos created and posted on Youtube, or an ecommerce site may benefit from photo sharing on sites like Pintrest or Instagram.

  • Reporting and communication

    4 Each month we report back to you with a rankings report, which is also available on request anytime. This shows a target list of keyword phrases and their positions in Google. This can be split up by country. Each keyword is compared to last months position and the best ever position. It also shows how many visitors have reached the site from each keyword.

    Alongside your monthly rankings report, you will also receive a report explaining our work and comments on progress. Future strategy and predictions will also be included. You can ask us for updates and answers to any questions at any time. We are always more than happy to discuss strategy and anything else which can help your business succeed online.