How to Optimise Page Text

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Optimising page text is all about adding the best search phrases (keywords) onto your website. Sounds simple doesn’t it? But many people fail to get this basic step right. If Google doesn’t see a keyword on a page then why on earth should they rank it for that phrase?

The most important part of a page is the title. If you are a plumber in Manchester then be sure to mention that in the title, for example “John Smith Plumber in Manchester”. Simple and effective.

The next most important areas are page headings which can appear above paragraphs. These can be optimised for Google whilst helping to break a page up so that it is not one big block of text. This is a great place to include related keywords, for example “A Respected Plumbing Company in South Manchester” or “Plumbing Services Offered”.

When Google sees words in bold, underlined or italic they are also given more weight. So you could have a testimonial from a happy customer saying “John Smith was the best plumbing service in Manchester that I have ever used”. Phil, Stockport. Note that I added “Phil, Stockport” in bold too, which might just help you rank for any phrases including the word “Stockport”. You could underline the occasional phrase too for example “we provide a safe plumbing service to the whole of the region at reasonable prices.”

Besides the above, you want to have as much well written content on the page as possible. Be informative and concise, never ramble. Short sentences and easy words are best. You can break up the page with a bullet point list and on-page headings. Take some quality photos too, or buy some from sites like Fotolia. Images have alt tags which is to describe them to the blind. Fill in these tags and try to include keywords where relevant.

Link within the text to other pages. Internal linking can really help a page to rank as well as improve visitor experience. For example on your About Us page you can give an overview of the company then the phrase “plumbing services” could link to the relevant page which may boost it for that keyword.

A good example is Wikipedia. Their plumbing entry has lots of very informative text, broken up by headings for each section, relevant internal linking and occasional external linking (note how I set the Wikipedia link to open in a new tab so you don’t leave this site), bullet points and pictures. It is no coincidence that this page ranks top for “plumbing” in Google.