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We are happy to answer any questions you have about our service. Please leave a message on the contact form below, or call 08445 444 174, or email info@seoorganics.co.uk and we will get back to you asap. We run a transparent Cheshire SEO service and are always on hand to discuss your requirements.


Do you provide a guarantee on ROI?

Do you provide a guarantee on ROI?

ROI guarantees are not included. We do our very best to maximise your return on investment at every step. We can be as transparent as you like and explain what we have done each month. We provide a monthly report which shows traffic increases and keyword positions. SEO is not an exact science so all we can do is predict the results we will achieve (usually quite accurate). We won’t try to tie you down to long term contracts. We are happy to work on a rolling monthly contract which you can cancel at anytime. SEO can take a couple of months to show results so patience is key at first.

How much does it cost?

How much does it cost?

Just give us a day or two and we will give you an estimate based on the work required for your website. The most affordable SEO campaigns start at £500 per month with a view to bringing this rate down to a maintenance package in future. It really depends on the number of pages you need to rank and the difficulty. If the starting rate sounds too much you could try our SEO consultancy service which can provide you with the change to have someone oversee and advise on your SEO campaign.


Do we need to already have a website?

Do we need to already have a website?

If you do not already have a website we can either create one or recommend a good web designer for you. We do have experience creating websites from Wordpress templates such as this one. We are able to alter the layout, add your company logo and add content. However we are not actual graphic designers, so if you require a fully customised design you will need to employ a web designer.

Benefits of letting us create your website

  1. We are very reasonable when it comes to pricing.
  2. You will be guaranteed a future proof, fully optimised website.
  3. We can explain how to easily edit and add content or make changes for you, which will work out easier and cheaper in the long run.

If you do require a website or a change from your existing one, please fill in the contact form below or give us a call.

Do you need access to our website?

Do you need access to our website?

It certainly helps if we can have access to your website. We can then make little tweaks such as ensuring that keyword phrases are included in the optimal places. However it is not essential. When we begin an SEO campaign we will provide you with an on-site optimisation report. This will outline various recommendations which can improve both visitor experience and rankings. You can make these changes or let your web designer do them.


What about Google penalties?

What about Google penalties?

Google has been very aggressive in the past 2 years when it comes to penalising websites which do not comply with their webmaster guidelines. A few years ago it was possible to buy links from others sites and you would see amazing increases in rankings. Then Google targeted the different link types one by one, penalising sites which had used these spammy tactics. Next came Panda updates which penalised sites which used on-site techniques like keyword stuffing on pages. More recently Penguin updates have sought to penalise websites with links which are unnatural.

These updates to the Google algorithm have completely changed the search results for most search terms. Millions of websites have been wiped out of the organic results. The SEO industry has had to completely adapt and many SEOers and agencies have died off. What’s left is a clean slate of real company’s sites and more and more irrelevant search results. We see this as a fresh playing field where only those who play by the rules will win.

The penalties have almost destroyed the affiliate marketing industry SEO sector. Thin affiliate sites which were created just to sell other people’s products and services have disappeared  This leaves the search results wide open for real businesses to prosper online. In short, the competition is far easier than before. We play within Google’s guidelines and remind ourself of this quote regularly; “Does this help my users? Would I do this if search engines didn’t exist?”

Although we do optimise your website and build links, we do so in a common sense way. We add search phrases to your pages, but surely if you want a visitor on the page they would want to see what they searched for mentioned? And when we build links we place them where potential customers are likely to see them. So rather than the old ways of grabbing any links you can just to manipulate the rankings, we are actually promoting your business by improving the internet as a whole by providing useful content.

The general rule of our link building is that if a link doesn’t have the potential to bring in traffic, we don’t build it. That means carefully selected, manual link building work which should pass any review from a Google employee as natural promotion.

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Just let us know if you require any further clarification about our services. We are always happy to help. Please leave us a message on the contact form below, or call 08445 444 174 or email info@seoorganics.co.uk and we shall get back to you asap.

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