Affordable Website Creation in Manchester

Reasonably priced website design services in the North West and beyond

Affordable website creation is rare these days. Over the past 5 years or so we have been creating more and more websites for existing and new clients. We make websites for companies in Manchester, Cheshire and across the North West. We even have a few worldwide clients. Our sites usually rank better than the existing one because we have full control. This means they are fully optimised from the ground up.

What gives our websites the edge over many others is that we start from scratch and use the most widely used platform, WordPress. This allows us to use a pre-made “theme”, usually one designed within the past few months. We then edit the theme to fit in with the company branding. This makes less work for our coder and we pass the savings on to you.

Contact us for a quote or to see some example websites we have created recently.

Website Design Essentials

We ensure the site only has the bare essentials which means it will load quickly. This is a ranking factor in Google. All images are compressed as much as possible without loosing quality. On our most recent project we shaved off around 45% file size off hundreds of photos on a new clients website. No wonder her old one didn’t rank well.

We ensure all the meta tags are correctly optimised. Many sites made by web designers are optimised terribly. For example having all the menu items on every single page and having them all as H tags. We write text for all pages including relevant search words and phrases. This is very powerful and usually boosts rankings within a week. We spend a lot of time conducting research to find the right words and phrases to include.

Of course we ensure the site looks great and has all the functionality required. If you want to sell something we make an eCommerce store, if you need bookings for a spa we can fix that too. We will install your logo or help you design a new one if required. We can take care of graphics and even videos too.

How much does website design cost?

How much does it cost? Although our rates are affordable you won’t be looking at anything less than ¬£500 for a new website. From there adding extra functionality, large amounts of content and extras like social networking or SEO will be extra.

At the end you will have a website hosted on a fast server and you will have full access. We will teach you how to login and post new blog articles and photos or edit pages. This is essential if you are looking to keep costs down because you won’t need to ask us every time you want something small altered.

If you want a quote please send us an email at sales@seoorganics.co.uk and we will be back in touch asap. If you are located in the south of the UK check out this web design agency in Brighton called Barefoot Web, who we have had worked with and can vouch for.