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For a more personal website visit our new digital marketing agency at 3.Digital, or go directly to our search engine optimization page at our SEO agency in Dubai. Our new company is SEO Organics 2.0 and was launched towards the end of 2016. We have offices in Cheshire and in Dubai. Our new venture was born from our rising number of international clients, plus our owner has moved his family to Dubai. We still offer SEO services in Cheshire and Manchester. We now offer a broader range of digital marketing services, such as bespoke websites and video production and video marketing.

SEO Cheshire

  • High quality SEO service based in Cheshire, Manchester. This will give you more visitors to your website from Google GUARANTEED!
  • Website design with a focus on crisp, clean layouts and high converting landing pages. This goes hand in hand with our SEO work to give you maximum visitors and maximum sales.
  • PPC management on Adwords and Facebook with advanced tracking to measure sales and lead conversions.
  • More digital marketing services including branding and business strategy, social networking, advertising, video production and marketing. We can cover all bases for your online success.


We are not another faceless digital agency. We want to meet face to face and have a personal relationship. If we cannot provide you with significant sales increases we won’t waste either of our time. Everything we do is based on getting you a positive ROI. As you grow we want to be by your side. We have offices in Manchester, Cheshire, and Dubai.

Email now for a proposal at sales@seoorganics.net

 SEO Agency Cheshire

Highly experienced small team of search engine optimisation experts based in south Manchester, Cheshire. We ensure your website is perfectly optimised so that it will rank highly in Google’s organic search results. We then increase the authority of your website with highly relevant link placements and social networking.

Website Creation + Marketing

We promote your website and brand across the internet; gaining valuable visitors from social networks, video marketing and industry specific traffic sources. We can even help you create a new website which will be modern, future proof and easy to use. Our fair prices always ensure a great ROI.

 Digital Marketing Experts

We are fully transparent, affordable and you will just work with a single British account manager. He may outsource the occasional link, but almost all of your work is carried out by a single marketer. You are guaranteed a fairly priced and dedicated worker with 5+ years SEO and online marketing experience.

Get in touch and let us explain exactly how we can help you succeed online

Leave your name, number and email address and we will be in touch to explain precisely what SEO Organics can do for you. We offer competitive prices and a fully transparent service.

Starting my business seemed like a tough challenge but after using SEO Organics for just 1 month, I started getting regular enquiries. Now I have new clients emailing me every day

Daniel White, Integrated Way, Hong Kong

We were relying mainly on our adwords campaign for sales but SEO organics now gets us more traffic from organic search results so the benefits in cost savings are huge.

Laurence Carter, Penguin Supplies

Since using SEO Organics we have seen a definite boost in bookings from the increased traffic. The Difference between 2nd page google results and 1st really does add up.

Adam Abadi, Only Exclusive Travel, UK


    seo Cheshire

    Cheshire SEO Agency

    With SEO Organics you will receive a service focused on ethical search engine optimisation. We are an SEO company based in South Manchester. We provide our services to companies in the Cheshire and Manchester area. We also have nationwide and worldwide clients.

    Our natural approach to ranking websites begins with ensuring your company has a perfectly optimised website. Once we have ensured the website is in good health; with relevant keywords in the right places, we take things a step further. This includes help with content creation and social media integration.

    We pride ourselves on offering an honest and transparent service to our clients. This includes realistic estimates, in depth reporting and an excellent ROI. You can have a rankings report, chat or see what we are doing at any time.

    Quality Link Building Service

    Quality link creation is the key to improving a website’s authority. Our comprehensive SEO service is dedicated to link building in the most natural, organic way possible. This is the only way to avoid problems with Google. If it ain’t good for traffic, it ain’t made by us. Our clients don’t get penalised!

    The foundation of our link building service is content creation. We thoroughly research your company’s products or services as well as the industry you are in. Then we create useful content to be distributed on relevant authoritative websites.

    We build links which are designed to provide value to searchers. The idea is always that these people will then visit your website providing both traffic as well as SEO value. Ethical link building is simply promoting your company online in a quality manner. We create a rounded link profile, which is basically an accelerated natural link profile. This ensures no problems with Google algorithm updates- we use good old fashioned hard work to get you online success.

    SEO Organics website promotion


    • Search engine optimisation on and off-site
    • Ethical link building resulting in high rankings
    • Avoid Google penalties: we do not take risks! If it is out of our budget or unrealistic, we will tell you!
    • High quality content creation based around real research into your industry
    • We serve clients in Manchester, Cheshire, Dubai and worldwide.
    • PPC campaign management focused on ROI and keeping your conversions perfect
    • Video production and marketing (TV quality premium videography and editing)
    • Social network management and help with social media promotion
    • Website creation and branding. We make clean, easy to use websites which rank high Google 
    • Brand awareness and reputation management. Bad reviews? We can help turn things around
  • Digital Marketing

    search engine optimisation service in Cheshire and Manchester

    Website Creation in Cheshire and more…

    We provide a full digital marketing service for our clients, it shouldn’t matter that we are now based abroad but if you need someone in the area we recommend trying Altrincham based Marketing Signals as a local company with great expertise and ethics. This can begin with website creation at very fair prices. Our websites look great on mobile devices and are future proof (e.g. they look great on all mobile devices). We create websites which do not require expensive future costs, we can even show you how to log in and make your own alterations like blogging and adding photo updates.

    Besides our Cheshire SEO service, we also offer a social networking service. This ensures you have maximum exposure on social networks such as Google+, Youtube, Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. We will find social networks relevant to your industry and help you gain exposure.

    We can create the highest quality videos suitable for website promotional videos or even television advertisements. Please note this part is in the “premium price” category. Our videographers spent last year touring the world with their short film and won 25 prestigious awards with their short The Jigsaw, where they met our Los Angeles SEO friends for tea (they are called Digital Green Tea). We have a good rapport with agencies all over the world to ensure we are up to date with Google changes and skill sharing.

    Cheshire PPC Management: Adwords and more…

    We are expert PPC managers. Our Google Adwords management service is second to none. We have vast experience with small local campaigns, up to some of the largest spending national campaigns. We have competed successfully with some of the top nationwide brands. We squeeze every last penny of value by tweaking tirelessly. Whereas other agencies set-up PPC campaigns and desert them, or use inefficient software.

    We work tirelessly to ensure bids are optimised to give you the lowest cost per sale, lead or enquiry. This involves spying on competitors (with legal software) and discovering every related search phrase which could lead to a sale for you. Our prices are low and we work on a month by month rolling contract, so if you aren’t seeing improvements you are free to leave.

    • Quality tracking
    • High ROI
    • Highly optimised campaigns
    • Facebook Ads
    • Google Adwords
    • Bing Ads
Let us provide you with a report explaining how we can help your business succeed online

Leave your name, number and email address and we will be in touch to see what SEO Organics can do for you! Please specify if you have specific requirements so that we can focus on exactly what you want.